LIFE Languages International (LLI) values the privacy of our customers, users, subscribers, Facilitators, Certified Trainers, members, and others who visit and use the LLI and KLLP™ web sites (collectively and/or individually.  We will not ever sell your contact information or email to third party entities.
You can always opt out of communications from LLI by logging in to your account and turning off notifications from LLI>
LLI will never share your contact information without your consent.  Due to the nature of the Kendall LIFE Languages Profile™ (KLLP™) as a Communication Analysis Tool, it is most effective and advantageous to share your results with others so they can better communicate with you.
The KLLP™ is NOT a psychological, personality, or behavioral test.  It is a tool to see how you prefer to communicate.  And, since the LIFE Languages™ System is dynamic and everyone has all seven LIFE Languages,™ you can become fluent, or more fluent, in all of them.  Therefore, your KLLP™ may change as you learn to better speak each of the LIFE Languages.™
Once you register and take the KLLP,™ you will have the option to share your results with others.  This is an advantage to you since you can group yourself with family, work, department, church, or any other group you wish.  It will also help others to find you and better communicate with you.
LLI will keep your information confidential within the LIFE Languages™ System.  Only authorized LLI personnel and Certified Trainers will have access to your KLLP™ results.  By taking the KLLP,™ you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement and to participate in the LIFE Languages™ System.
Additionally, LLI is constantly conducting research on the LIFE Languages™ System and the KLLP.™  You may choose to participate in this research.  Your answers to the research questions will be kept confidential and only be used for research purposes.  This is completely optional and you will always have the choice of whether or not you wish to participate or opt out of the research.